Young and daring style but without giving up a modern and casual elegance. These are the accessories that you will find in this collection of men's belts from It is a selection of the best models of Polinesia and other brands that share the original and different style of our website. Below we take a look at these unique and special accessories for you. Do you want to discover them?

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A fundamental accessory in many looks

Although belts don't fit in every look, there are others in which they are essential. If we leave aside the ultra sporty outfits such as sweatpants or beach outfits where the bottom is a swimsuit, we can say that in virtually all other outfits, these male accessories give a plus of comfort and style to the wearer.

Beyond its practical function, which is to hold the trousers at the waist or below it, its mission is also to complement the rest of the garments, so this accessory should share the same character as the rest of the clothes. If you opt for a casual outfit with neutral tones, the belt can not give the note with bright colors.

And if it is a transgressive and eccentric outfit, this accessory should move away from the classic model of leather strap and metal buckle. As we said a moment ago, the belt not only holds the trousers at the waist but also below it: the looks with sagging trousers, also resort to this complement so that the trousers are at the right height, no more and no less. It seems like a careless detail but, as you can see, precision is important.

Men's belts: quality materials

The materials of the belts that you will find on the website are always of quality and, moreover, with personality from an aesthetic point of view. A good example of this are those made of leatherette: it is a much cheaper option than those made of natural leather and, at the same time, they have a younger style. In addition, they give much play in terms of decorating the strap, either with incisions, appliqués, studs or any other option.

But this is not the only material that can be found in this section of men's belts. Our collections are renewed and can give entry to other models with different materials. One of the most common is the fabric, which provides a much more manageable strap and lends itself better to warm colors, less common in this type of accessories: green, yellow, blue and any other that is 'in' in that season.

Of course, a very important detail is the buckle, which in many cases becomes the main element of this accessory. The most swag youngsters will love those belts with an exaggeratedly big and creative buckle. On the other hand, the fabric models often have very simple buckles, without python or bridge or roll. They are the double ring or double ring, faster closing. If after reading these words you're left with a poker face, the best thing to do is to take a look at our selection of models and find out for yourself!

Which trousers to wear this accessory with

Thanks to the fact that this accessory has been updated a lot in recent years, it is now possible to wear it on all types of trousers... It just needs to have belt loops! In the case of long trousers, it's obvious that jeans are crying out for a belt, but also cargo trousers, chinos, skinny jeans and practically all modern trousers, except for tracksuit bottoms, as we mentioned before. Even the most sophisticated joggers can have one! And if you are looking to complement a pair of shorts, our men's belts collections can also provide you with many solutions. Although lighter models such as fabric and quick-release buckle belts are often preferred, it's really up to you to choose the one that's right for you. Take a look at our selection and get inspired!

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