In this corner of POLINESIA.es women's sunglasses we bring together for you the most original proposals of Polinesia, those that will make the difference between a common look and an extraordinary and different one. That is the power of good accessories, and on our website you will find many of them. So we invite you to browse through our catalog and order online your favorite model: you will be surprised by the prices!

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Sunglasses, the stars of the summer

A collection of fashion accessories for spring summer will not be complete without sunglasses. For this reason and because we know how to surprise you, we include in our catalogues models of this type of accessory that delights fashionistas of all kinds. Without giving up the sporty style that defines Polinesia, in our collections you will discover models inspired by the big trends of the moment and that have many followers, especially the most passionate of urban fashion.

Depending on your personal taste, you can choose between thicker or thinner, metallic models. POLINESIA.es also explores the possibilities of sports eyewear, which, without being a technical training item, does have a more youthful and sporty look. The design of the lens is also fundamental: vintage ones are always very trendy, inspired by models that triumphed in the 60s, 70s and 80s, which seem to never go out of fashion. Aviator, circular, Cat Eye... We recommend you take a look at this page to find out which are the most current proposals.

In the women's sunglasses section, the details used in the different designs are also striking. The frame can opt for a dark tone, for a light tone, for a transparent solution, for a combination of colours or even for some very classic finishes in glasses such as tortoiseshell. Whatever the proposal, it will be a guarantee of originality and renewed style. As for the lenses, the degree of opacity and the colour are also details to take into account: from mirrored models to others in blue, brown or simply black tones. And of course, the logo or the distinctive name of Polinesia is usually present in all cases, sometimes inside the frame and in other cases outside and in sight.

Women's sunglasses: also for the summer?

Although it still comes as a surprise to many, sunglasses are also for winter. Thanks to the swag revolution and the daring of many fashionistas, going out in the street with a warm jacket and one of these accessories is no longer synonymous with going incognito. On the contrary, it is very trendy and denotes great personality.

On our website you can find out which sunglasses are available all year round, either because they belong to the last units of the previous spring summer collection or because they are versatile proposals valid for any season.

How to combine this fashion accessory

When it comes to combining these accessories, there are no written rules, especially among daring and groundbreaking young women like you. You can go for the flashier models, with mirrored lenses and brightly coloured frames to wear with short-sleeved T-shirts with prints and mesh caps with straight visors. But there's nothing to stop you from opting for dark models to wear with matching winter hats. And if you choose a more vintage and fashionable model, you can experiment with other hats and scarves, why not?

If your style has no limits, it's time for you to take a look at this section of women's sunglasses, where you will discover models that will finish off your urban and modern look in an original and, above all, very cheap way. In fact, on our website you will find offers all year round: up to -70% on all kinds of garments, including sunglasses, and follow us on our social networks or through our Newsletter to find out the first ones!