Discover the most urban and original women's shirts for a trendy look: baseball shirts, animal print, striped, with letters or numbers in white, black, red or pink.

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Women's shirts: garments with many possibilities

Women's shirts are garments that, contrary to what many people think, offer different and innovative possibilities in terms of urban and young look, even for those girls who do not want to give up their sporty spirit. POLINESIA.es is a good example of this, with original and unique proposals for those who also want to experiment with other 'in' styles.

The designs vary in certain details, such as whether they are more fitted at the waist or if they are loose and wide to give a more casual, informal and rebellious look. The latter are also usually a bit longer. On our website there is room for everything, even for many other surprising details on collars, cuffs, pockets and shoulders, moving away from the masculine canon to achieve a strongly feminine and trendy style.

The designs can adopt very different solutions. Of course, checks are very common, in different sizes, colours and patterns. But we don't forget about prints and mini prints, with a wide variety of motifs, such as floral or urban ones. And to highlight that urban style, many models include numbers and words that make the shirt even more special.

Show yourself as you are

We've already mentioned that you can show your trendy side, but you can also bring out other aspects of your personality. If you're into the hipster trend, many of these shirts will reflect your more alternative side. Vintage, retro, bohemian... Concepts that are possible in this catalogue and that you will achieve if you bring out your inventiveness with other accessories from POLINESIA.es.

But if you don't want to stick to this alone, you can explore other looks without leaving this same section of women's shirts. What do you think about shirt tops? Whether they are printed, plain, with mini prints or even vintage plaid, the design and cut of this 'sister' of the shirts will give you a chic and sophisticated touch. With a greater diversity of collars and sleeves, and often with ruffles, this solution is equally urban and trendy.

Other garments that shouldn't be missing from your look

Whichever model you choose, you're sure to need some of the following garments and accessories to complete your look. Of course, the big wildcard in this case are the jeans: whether they are slim, skinny or even urban style shorts if the shirt is light and summery. As footwear, there is usually nothing more urban and appropriate than a pair of sneakers, your choice on this website.

But nothing prevents you from opting for other garments such as leggings, which provide a very interesting counterpoint: while the shirt is wide and baggy, the legging stylizes and is a clear feminine wink. And that's not all: how about a denim skirt for a sporty folk style that's different from the rest? For this, you can also take a look at other footwear proposals from POLINESIA.es, which are not limited to urban sneakers: cowboy boots and boots in different shades of brown will be the perfect footwear complement for this folk style that can also go with you.

Check out all the proposals in this category of women's shirts and choose your favorite combinations. And if you want to take advantage of the exclusive discounts that we offer online, visit us: discounts of the most striking in seasonal and off-season garments, both Polinesia and other brands that are part of our online shop. Check the shipping conditions and receive your favourite clothes at home, the ones that will make you set the trend!