Get a groundbreaking look with modern and trendy women's urban sneakers. Choose platform, high top, chunky, ugly or vintage style sneakers in white, black, pink or multicoloured.

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A footwear item that will make you different

The women's sneakers that you will find in POLINESIA.es have everything to convince you: they are footwear items designed for girls like you, current, modern and urban, who do not want to give up an indisputable sporty touch. They will accompany you at any time of your day to day, such as going to class, to the gym or to the center.

We show you designs for all tastes, ranging from casual elegance to a super sporty style, with many nuances between the two extremes. Many models go for monochrome, in white, black or grey. But many other proposals break the mould with daring prints such as animal print or with striking patterns, where intense colours burst in with force.

All the sneakers in this category have another feature in common: comfort. The sporty spirit is present even in those more urban models and the result is that they are perfect for walking without limits in the city. The great variety of original details that you can find in this section of women's sneakers does not limit the comfort, but it enhances it. In this sense, you will find closures of different types, both the usual lace and Velcro or even models without closure, much more futuristic. Air-cushioned soles, extra wide or curved soles, high and prominent tongues... The list of details that will surprise you is very long.

Women's shoes: a collection with the best brands

In this section of POLINESIA.es sneakers we offer models of the best brands of the moment, which share the same vision of young women's fashion. Our firm, Polinesia, is one of the most prominent, both for quantity and for quality and style. Our footwear will connect with girls who love modern, swag, college and retro looks, among many others. And we show models that adapt to any trendy combination of clothes.

Beyond our brand, you'll also find other leading brands in the world of women's sports fashion. Market giants like Nike, Adidas and Reebok, have a lot to say, but also other classic brands like New Balance, which have a large number of followers and continue to have a prominent role in the collections each season.

A collection of sneakers that, by the way, are renewed year after year, season after season, giving entry to the most original trends of the moment. Therefore, we invite you to sign up for our Newsletter or consult our section every so often, where you will always discover new and different proposals for your look. And if you want to find bargains from the end of the season or from past collections, just go to our Outlet.

Combine them as you like

When it comes to combining the shoes we show you here, you can use all your imagination and creativity. And if you need inspiration, just take a look at the rest of the sections: every picture you'll find is an original and modern look, between urban and sporty. Jeans and other alternative trousers will give you a lot of freedom in your choice, since they fit with many types of footwear, such as high tops or canvas sneakers, while stretch leggings will look better with runner and sportier models.

Enjoy dressing your way, with quality, comfort and modern style. Take a tour of this section of women's shoes where you will find the most 'in' of the moment, and also at the best price. If you buy online, you will enjoy many advantages: not only discounts of up to 70% but also facilities for you to return your order and free shipping offers.