Time for sun and beach, for a dip in the pool, for a sunbath at the beach bar. Time to take a walk through the men's swimwear section of and get a garment that will accompany you in the best moments of the summer. You can boast a striking and original style with these garments both in and out of the water, showing off your palms or combined with shoes and other accessories. Here we bring you the best proposals of the season: you'll wish the summer never ends!

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One of your most loved garments

There's no doubt that swimsuits are on your list of favourite items of clothing. For one thing, they're synonymous with summer and a handful of special moments: a dip in the beach or pool, a surfboard at your feet or a cold drink in your hand with your friends at the beach bar. In all these situations, this swimsuit is with you. In those, and in many other environments that you decide: you set the limit!

But now you will like them more than ever: at you have a wide variety of swimsuits from our brand and other fashion brands at the best prices. You will find Polinesia models in the latest spring summer collections, with our characteristic daring and youthful style. And along with these novelties, you have access to other interesting proposals from top brands.

Men's swimwear: fresh designs with personality

If you don't want to be just one more at the beach or at the pool, you have the solution in this men's swimwear section. The designs we present are always fresh and with a lot of personality. Of course, you can't miss the ones with a surfer look, longer and with a choice of the most colourful colours: yellow, sky blue, green, orange and any other colour that will make you stand out with your own style. There are also shorter and far from the bermuda model, but equally interesting. And if you prefer a simpler touch, you won't miss models with a predominance of grey, white or black, in original and unique combinations.

But the key is not only in the colour, but also in the prints and patterns. There is free rein for attractive designs with palm trees and other plant motifs, waves, surf scenes, suns and many other evocative patterns. But there is just as much choice when it comes to geometric patterns, stripes, coloured stripes and similar surprises.

Another unavoidable feature of swimsuits is the quality. All proposals have elastic and durable waistbands, with easy to use and effective drawstring closures. The composition, mainly in polyester and sometimes combined with elastane, guarantees quick drying and a pleasant feel.

And as for the details, each model is different. There's usually a back pocket for added comfort, and on the sides you'll find trouser pockets and side and lower pockets, often with zip fasteners for storing your essentials.

Get inspired and mix and match to your heart's content

The numerous combination possibilities are also a sign of the personality of swimsuits. Without leaving our online shop you will find summery items to complete your ideal seasonal look. Flip-flops, of course, are a 'must' in these cases. You will be surprised by the variety of colors and shapes that we offer and that can fit perfectly in your outfit. And why not, you can also experiment with sport shoes without socks.

The same goes for short-sleeved T-shirts, especially those with bolder prints, and sleeveless T-shirts, big stars in the summer collections. Numerous sunglasses and hats, of course, will go like a glove when combined with these models.

Discover for yourself all that has to offer in terms of men's swimwear and don't miss the opportunity to set the trend between dips. And if you're a bargain hunter, take a look at our Outlet: discounts of up to 70% on this and many other items of clothing await you!

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