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Make a difference with the top women's urban t-shirts of the moment. Find oversize, cropped, retro, skate or baseball t-shirts with prints, messages, tie-dye or plain.


The urban garment par excellence

Polinesia T-shirts are simple and original garments that express better than any other the urban spirit of our brand. Designed for young, modern looks and with a sporty touch that will give you a casual look, perfect for everyday wear. To go to class, to the center or in any informal situation with your friends, you will feel comfortable and to the last them.

One of the great advantages is that they can be worn at any time of the year. Of course, they will be the protagonist in spring and summer, but if you are original you will also manage to wear them in autumn and winter. You just have to find the right moment and the matching garments to make these t-shirts the stars of your look.

And just as important as that is their price: they're affordable and accessible to all budgets: 3,99€, 5,99€, 9,99€... You'll be able to afford them forever! And if you continue browsing this section of women's T-shirts and other, you will discover many other garments with great discounts: up to 70% cheaper!

Women's T-shirts: collections full of surprises

Although the women's T-shirt is an apparently simple garment, here it incorporates many details that make each one of them unique. Shorter or longer sleeves, top type or armhole sleeves, loose or tight waist, round neck, V-neck or boat neck, asymmetrical or vaporous bottom... Women's fashion gives a lot of play, and T-shirts are no exception.

But the design also has a lot to offer. For example, with an overwhelming variety of prints, in some cases suggestive drawings, in others black and white photographs or worn effect. There is no shortage of original phrases that give a very urban touch, numbers that are inspired by sports like hockey, especially if you go for mesh finishes...

Colours are also one of the keys that give a young and full of vitality air to these garments. With a base of white, grey or black, there are many models that incorporate energetic colours such as orange, pink, yellow or light blue, sometimes with camouflage prints that, far from living up to their name, turn the T-shirt into a much more eye-catching and striking garment.

And of course, many of them do not abandon the sporty spirit that gave them birth: gym styles now conquer the street with greater sophistication and bring out all their personality if you combine them with training pants or accessories like backpacks or gymsacks. The more sporty leggings or even cotton joggers are also a good option, as are runner style shorts, ideal for everyday situations and for those who want to show off their legs and sporty style.

Combine them with whatever you want

In addition to the many combination options offered by the sports t-shirts, the rest of the collection also gives you the freedom to experiment with your look. Many of them show their more urban side if combined with ripped or worn denim shorts, either in summer or in winter with daring tights, only suitable for girls without complexes like you.

Jeans are also a wildcard to wear with the garments of this collection Women's T-shirts: slim, skinny, boyfriend rolled up at the bottom or any other type of denim trousers you can think of will always be a good choice. And for the rest of the look, dare to experiment! Casual and colorful bag or backpack on the back? Rapper cap or rocker headband? Explore our proposals and surprise yourself with all that Polinesia's young and sporty catalogue has to offer.