Men's backpacks and bags

If you think you can't carry your personal style on your back, take a look at this section of men's backpacks, bags and gymsacks and you'll change your mind. This practical and comfortable accessory can also be very trendy, urban and swag. You just have to choose the right model: at you have many designs to choose from, both from Polinesia and from other fashion brands famous for their quality and trendy character. Don't neglect this important detail of your look: it will always go with you!

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A pure Polinesian style

The backpacks in this section of have that unique and different style that characterizes young people like you, who are not satisfied with just anything and want to add a touch of urban sport to their look. The models you find in this section stand out for their 'in' design, which Polinesia expresses in many ways.

On the one hand, there are models with a younger and more contemporary style, with prints and drawings of very different themes, such as big cities, dates or urban style messages. You will also be surprised by the trendy prints, such as camouflage or tropical, which wrap the whole accessory and give it a special air.

However, in this section of Backpacks man there is also room for very different items to the above. For example, those with a strong vintage touch, with which you will get a very characteristic bohemian swag style. The ribbons, buckles or synthetic leather are some details that you will find in designs of this type.

It is interesting to note that many of these backpacks, especially the more modern ones, often have a wallet-purse to match them, with the same aesthetic characteristics and the same look. So that your accessories go to match and your style, as well as original and groundbreaking, is unitary.

Backpacks Polinesia man: details that make the difference

The backpacks on our website will not only conquer you for its style, but also for many of the details of its composition. To the top handle for hand and the small pocket at the bottom, common in most designs, you can add more, depending on the model and brand. Original handles, chains to attach the matching wallet or interior compartments to store smaller objects are some of the many examples.

Moreover, they are accessories that can be worn at any time of the year, since they combine perfectly with both a coat and a T-shirt, even if it is a purely summery sleeved T-shirt. The only requirement is that the outfit has a sporty, urban feel, which is precisely what these garments are known for.

Gymsacks, a lighter solution

In this same section you will find another perfect solution if you want a smaller and lighter accessory: the gymsacks. As you can deduce, they are bags designed for the gym, in which you can carry your change of clothes, a towel and the objects you need for a day's exercise. However, their use has already become popular for any other situation, so if you like them and want to wear them on the street as the finishing touch to a swag look, don't hesitate!

The way it works is simple: a lightweight synthetic bag made of two strings that, when placed on the back, closes automatically, making it very difficult for someone else to open it unexpectedly from behind. It is therefore an accessory that combines safety, lightness and 100% Polinesian style. What more could you ask for?

The great originality of the design is precisely in the bag: it can be dyed in the most transgressive colors or show a tone of the most neutral and discreet, or it can be filled with original prints or surprising prints. It is a complement that gives a lot of play in terms of decoration. And the great beneficiary of this is you.

Check out our section of Backpacks man to find all these proposals and many others that are renewed over time and with the passage of the seasons. And take advantage of the bargains that we launch: discounts of up to 70% of the original price are waiting for you!