The Men's Accessories collection is a very complete selection of items for today's young men who share the aspiration to be different, original and unique. If that is your case, you are in the right place. Take a look at our proposals and you will find that we have men's accessories for every season of the year and for every moment of your day to day. Take advantage of our news and offers to put the perfect finishing touch to your trendy, 'in' and swag look!

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Accessories for winter

The cold is not a problem. On the contrary: it is an opportunity to renew the look and get male accessories that make a difference. One of the most obvious are the hats: in we bring you the most original and innovative ones, especially from our firm. Combine them with your favorite coats or, why not, break the schemes and wear them less warm in between-season outfits, for example with a long-sleeved shirt in a sloppy or normcore style.

Nor can not miss in this catalog of men's accessories neck panties: an accessory that fits very well in the style of for its sporty and comfortable character, and always very original and striking. A more elegant touch is given by scarves, which you can include in casual and bohemian outfits.

These are just a few suggestions and ideas to combat winter with style and personality. But we invite you to consult our catalogue periodically and every season, as our accessories collections are renewed on time to bring you the most outstanding novelties of our brand and other brands, and you will also find discounts on items from other seasons!

Men's accessories: a collection also for the summer

Our accessories collection does not only cover the autumn-winter season: it also offers you interesting accessories for the summer. All of them are light, comfortable, cool and, of course, with that indomitable style that characterizes Polinesia. A sample of this are the gymsack: original bags on the back with adjustable drawstrings that will show you as a modern, practical and different young man. Prints, colour games, messages, flags and many other details will decorate this innovative masculine accessory.

The list of accessories in this section is extensive and regularly updated. Summer socks are a must-have: low, light and perfect to wear with all kinds of sneakers and shorts, they leave the ankle in the air and provide comfort to the rest of the foot. Striped, coloured, in neutral tones and with ingenious designs, they are a garment that seems secondary but is essential in any look this time of the year.

As with winter accessories, you can take a look from time to time to see what's new in our catalogue.

Other men's accessories for any season

If we were to mention only men's accessories for winter and summer, we would fall short: there is another long list of accessories that can be worn at any time of the year, hot or cold, with a coat or with shorts. Among them are, of course, backpacks, which are a real 'must' of the Polinesia brand. For high school or college, for the gym or simply to carry what you need for a get-together with friends, these backpacks will become faithful companions with the same urban style. And if you want to carry your stuff in a smaller accessory, you can take a look at our range of fanny packs, as practical as ever but with a much revamped design. Check them out.

Underwear also has its space on our website: the briefs are comfortable, modern, elastic and with very suggestive designs, both in color and prints. Undoubtedly, fun underwear that matches the tone and style of your whole outfit and that you can wear in any season of the year.

Our Men's Accessories section is completed with many other original and trendy proposals, which are also interesting to pay attention to. For example, pocket wallets and belts, which can complement many of the trousers and shorts you find at Come and discover them and don't leave a single detail of your look to chance!

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