Backpacks and bags for women shows the best of its style and its innovative character in its accessories. And the category backpacks, bags and gymsacks for women is a good example of this. In this section you can meet the original designs of our brand Polinesia, with young and urban details that will conquer you at first glance. They will accompany you with style and will allow you to carry your things in a comfortable and practical way. Take a look at our list of proposals and take advantage of our irresistible prices!

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Women's backpacks: carry all your stuff in style

Backpacks are a year-round staple accessory that say a lot about you and your style. So why carry the same one all the time? You can change according to the season or according to your look, and in you will find many different backpacks, with modern and urban designs. If you like prints of all kinds, we have them. If you love bold and flashy colors, we have them. If you prefer original and groundbreaking prints like skulls and other transgressive drawings, we have them. We have it all!

The items in this section of women's backpacks show you, with a new design, the classic type of this bag, ie: double handle to carry on your back, a handle at the top and a pocket on the front to carry smaller objects. On the inside there may also be other small compartments to carry valuables such as keys, wallet or mobile phone.

Women's bags: other lighter proposals

This section also covers the women's bags category, as you can see. So we call other accessories with different characteristics to the backpacks, but just as modern, young and practical. One of the clearest examples are the gymsacks: bags made of very light synthetic fabric with two drawstrings, which function as handles and as a closure at the same time. When worn on the back, they close automatically and prevent others from opening them.

The designs of these gymsacks are 100% in line with Polinesia: super original, groundbreaking and urban designs. This is how we can consider all the prints that appear in this collection, such as camouflage or animal print. In addition, they enter the scene numbers, logos, amazing drawings and colors for all tastes.

In this section of women's bags you can also find bags with a very special character: they move away from formality and luxury and bring out their sportier side, so that the proposals that you will find here, as shopping bags, can also help you to go to the gym or for a walk around the city with a sporty and casual style.

When to wear these accessories

An interesting detail of most of our backpacks is that they also include a matching case. That's all the more reason to choose these accessories as your go-to bag. If you wear modern, urban, oversized or sporty clothes, these accessories will match your look and won't look out of place. And if you go to school and have to wear a uniform... What better way to show your true style than with designs like these, which will be a strong contrast?

As far as gymsacks are concerned, you can use them for whatever you want, but they are most commonly worn with light looks and to carry the things you need when you go to the gym or play sports.

These gymsacks are usually preferred in spring and summer, while backpacks are an even more versatile solution, since they can be worn at any time of the year and with any type of look, whether winter, summer or between seasons.

Review one by one the proposals in this section of women's backpacks if you need an accessory in which to carry your books, your sportswear and many other objects that you need. If you also want them to be yours at a much cheaper price, just take advantage of our discounts and make the minimum order to save shipping costs. And don't miss any detail of our news: subscribe to our Newsletter or follow us on social networks, where we will give you timely information about offers and new collections available on our website.

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