POLINESIA.es has a section of women's accessories where you will find everything and at the best prices. This tailor's drawer puts at your fingertips the most modern and urban accessories, in any fashion season: for the summer we offer you fresh and energetic items, while for the winter we bring you the warmest and most pleasant ones. Just take a look at our online shop to discover the new items and to place your order with just one click - complete your look easily from the Polinesia website!

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What will you find in the Women's accessories section?

What you will find in this category of women's accessories are urban proposals with a sporty and feminine touch. Whatever the time of year, here you will discover that article that will finish off your vintage look with style and comfort. It will protect you from the sun or the cold, from the rain or the wind. Or it will simply help you carry your personal belongings in a more organized way.

In winter, the variety of accessories is always very rich. To protect your neck, you have two options. One is the scarf, with an urban, casual and sophisticated touch that depends not only on the design itself, but also on how you wear it on you: with a perfect and measured knot, asymmetrical and carefree, well wrapped or more open... It's up to you. Winter knickers offer fewer options in this respect, although they do provide greater comfort and a more marked sporty style.

Of course, there is no shortage of hats in our catalogue. And as with scarves, whether you wear it tighter or looser will say a lot about you. As for the design, it's up to you to decide whether you want it to be casual with no more details than a simple inscription, number or logo, or if you prefer more sophisticated ones with a pompom or a velvety touch.

Summer accessories: sunglasses and caps

For the summer, POLINESIA.es also has a wide variety of accessories, all of them with a fresher and younger style if possible. You will see it in the sunglasses: our collections incorporate the latest trends, without giving up a sporty touch. Oval, retro, Wayfarer, butterfly and many others that you will love. In addition, the original finishes will make each model even more special, with mirrored and coloured lenses or fun and surprising frames.

Caps are another of the accessories that play an important role in these summer collections, although they can also be worn at any time of the year: if you don't wear this accessory to protect yourself from the sun but to finish off an urban and transgressive look, these caps can accompany you in all kinds of outfits.

Backpacks and organization, protagonists in POLINESIA.es

In addition to the specific winter or summer accessories, at POLINESIA.es we also bring you other practical and stylish accessories. These are the articles of organization and transport. In other words: backpacks, gymsacks, bags, fanny packs and cases, among others. Backpacks, from our brand Polinesia, do not miss their appointment with our collections: with innovative and groundbreaking designs, they are perfect for going to class. In addition, many of them come with a matching case.

The gymsacks, on the other hand, are lighter bags, ideal, for example, for carrying your things to workout. But if what you're looking for is lightness and an item that's not too bulky, you'll love the fanny packs, which will win you over with their innovative designs: ethnic, camouflage, urban and many other prints. And of course, you can't miss the bags on the POLINESIA.es website. Our proposals are always trendy but with a more sporty touch, such as shopping bags with ample interior space.

Review in detail the accessories that are part of this section of women's accessories and finish off with your personal style each of your looks. You can place your order easily and in just a few clicks, and we make it easy for you if you want to return or exchange your item. And if you can't resist the start or end of season offers, check the website for our incredible discounts.