Bikini briefs for women

Don't miss the high bikini briefs, hipster or with ties for a style with a lot of personality. Discover plain black, pink, white, purple or yellow bikini briefs, tie dye, animal print, floral or metallic fabric.
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In Polinesia you can find the collection of bikini panties more varied, so you can create your summer looks in any situation. Search for your favorite models!

In our online store you have a wide range of colors to complete your bathing suits and go to the beach or pool with the most original look.

And, if you prefer, you have models with the most modern prints: animal print, floral, geometric... Choose the one you like the most!

You have all kinds of fabrics at your disposal, always made with quality materials that will allow you to be comfortable and with the support you need at all times.

In addition, in Polinesia we have a wide variety of sizes so that you can always buy the bikini briefs that fit you best.

Our designs are designed to give you confidence in yourself this summer, whether with Brazilian bikini briefs or high-waisted bikini briefs. You choose!

Don't miss out on our Promos! And take the bikini panties from the best brands at incredible prices.

The bikini briefs that are worn the most!

Discover our exclusive collection of bikini briefs and don't run out of your favorite clothes. It's the most refreshing fashion!

You have all the novelties of the season at your fingertips. If you are looking for a high bikini bottom or a high leg bikini bottom to stylize your figure, I'm sure you'll find it in our catalog.

We also have that tall Brazilian bikini briefs How long has it been going on this year.

And let's not forget the classics! Because there's nothing that feels better to bask in the sun than a ruched bikini bottom or a bikini bottom with side straps, to have the best tan!

Take a look at our collection of bikini briefs and see the latest one this summer. You can create your bathroom sets when combined with the flip flops And the bikini tops more modern or take the ones you need to go topless. You choose your style!

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