Bikini tops for women

Create your own style with push-up, triangle, bandeau, asymmetric or sporty bikini tops with trendy designs. Find tie dye, animal print, floral or ethnic bikini tops in black, white, pink, purple or yellow.
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If you like bikinis, The women's top is a basic that cannot be missing from your shopping list for this summer. In Polinesia you have a lot of models of bikini tops to choose from!

In our collection you will find all the novelties of this season, so that you can always be up to date and create the bikini outfits that you like the most.

In Polinesia you have the best marks, so that you have the most comfortable fabrics, the ones they offer you greater support and with great absorption so that you always feel comfortable.

They are thoughtful designs for all occasions, whether you want to take a relaxing bath or if you are going to swim in the sea, sunbathe on the sand or have fun at a pool party. Wherever you want!

Don't miss our selection of women's bikini tops because now you can get them for an incredible price. Take advantage of our Promos!

Discover the most original women's bikini top in Polinesia

This summer, enjoy The most original bikini tops in Polinesia. We have the most popular designs!

You will find a hoop for your summer parties, a sports one to move freely in the water or a steering wheel to give a more romantic touch to your looks on the beach and in the pool.

We have All the colors that are in fashion this summer, so you can wear your white bikini top to an Ibiza party or a blue bikini top to match those Shorts And those sandals that you like them so much. What tone do you prefer? Green, brown, orange, floral or animal print, print. You won't know which one to choose!

And you'll love our designs, because there are Variety for all tastes: push up, triangle, bandeau, asymmetrical, sporty... Choose the one that best suits your style!

With bikini tops, you have no excuse not to go to the latest this summer. Create your most original look for every occasion. And get wet with Polinesia!

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