There's no doubt about it: shorts are a garment that is in fashion, if they ever stopped being so. And in you have many models to choose from, always updated and from the best brands, among which Polinesia stands out for its unmistakable urban and sporty style. In this section you can check out all the latest news, which will surprise you with their originality. Don't wait any longer and get yourself a garment that cannot be missing in your wardrobe!

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Shorts: a garment that triumphs

Shorts are garments that conquer the look of all types of young people, without exception. And they do so regardless of the size or style of each one, since it is a truly versatile item. All you need is to properly combine the garment and have a modern and current spirit to wear it.

One of their main characteristics is that they are very comfortable. Being so short and leaving your thigh in the air, it will allow you to perform all kinds of movements without difficulty: walking, sitting, getting up, climbing stairs⦠ It's a perfect garment for your daily routine! In addition, they are really fresh, ideal for the summer season, although they can also be worn in the cold season, with original tights.

For many, shorts are also an alternative to a skirt. Much more modern, comfortable and youthful, capable of showing your more rebellious or sporty side, chic or swag. A garment that doesn't have to displace the skirt, but that can be the protagonist of many short looks.

Sports shorts: best in

Of all the types of shorts that exist today, there is one in which is a real reference: sports shorts. Both Polinesia and the other fashion brands that are present in our online shop are betting on this type of shorts, which are inspired by classic training models for running but which have managed to conquer the street and many of the sports outfits for the summer.

If shorts are already comfortable enough, they are even more comfortable and flexible. In addition, they are very wearable, both for going for a run and for taking a walk on the street, especially if you don't want to give up your sports style at any time.

In addition, it is a garment that lends itself to a lot of modern and urban details, such as suggestive numbers or decorative bands in multiple colors, with its classic elastic waistband with drawstring or without it, in cotton or polyester with elastane, with contrasting seams or in a single color. The proposals are numerous and you can find out how they are renewed in our catalog.

Denim and other very urban proposals

In addition to sports shorts, you can find other shorts in different styles in Polynesia. They are always comfortable, lightweight and with a sporty touch, without detracting from elegance or originality. Denim or cowboy style are always very common, in many cases with torn edges, a worn effect and many other great, urban and fashionable details, such as long pockets that stand out on the outside. With its classic belt loops, metal buttons and back pockets, it's a good garment to mark feminine lines. Aní±il is a classic, but you'll also find them in any other color.

In addition to these, brings you many others every season. For example, the bambula ones, which allow you to create very subtle and original folds and pleats, giving a very everyday look to the look, almost homely. Printed models are also very abundant, often as the bottom part of a single outfit, with a short-sleeved blouse as the top proposal. In these cases, the design options are really varied, from floral to geometric, with urban or monocolor prints.

And of course, many other shorts that are yet to come in the next collections and that will set trends. If you want to be among the first to discover them, don't miss out on this section. And if you also want them to be yours at a really surprising price, be sure to take a look at our website, where our discounts will blow your mind: or do you think that offers of -70% are not for that?