Discover Polinesia's urban trousers for women and dress your way: shorts and cargo pants, biker style, sporty or joggers with side stripes, front buttons or original prints.

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Types of trousers in Polinesia

The pants that POLINESIA.es brings you are of different types, so you can choose the most suitable according to your tastes or according to the situation in which to wear them. Of course, one of the most common in our catalog is the sporty cut, true to the sporty spirit of our brand. It is the most comfortable and softest to the touch, as it is usually made of cotton, with elastic waist and drawstring closure, for a custom fit. They are ideal for training looks, but also for those who want to experiment with a sporty swag style.

But these proposals, equivalent in many cases to tracksuit bottoms, are not the only ones, far from it. In our section we put at your disposal many other urban and trendy style trousers, for more street looks. Denim models are very common, although with a more elastic and comfortable point than traditional jeans. Slim cut, skinny and any other fashionable one.

Because of its importance, the leggings also have their own place in our online catalog. This type of pants, much tighter, is equivalent to the leggin, although in many cases it has a more sporty performance, so it is also valid for exercise.

And of course, when summer arrives or when you opt for some original tights, shorts come in with force: these short garments, often jean type but also in many other styles such as running, give a modern, fresh and daring character to those who wear them.

Women's trousers: a selection of modern and original styles

If you are modern, urban and sporty, the women's trousers category of POLINESIA.es has many surprises in store for you. You will be able to create a look with these characteristics from many points of view. For example, enhancing the sporty touch in the cotton models with elastic band at the waist and sometimes at the ankle, jogger style.

However, in many other proposals we look for a much more swag and flashy style, often resorting to intense and contrasting colours, either in details such as bands or even in the whole garment. Pink, yellow, blue... The range of colours is wide and is renewed every season.

In addition, some of the details you'll find on the trousers will win you over. If it is a denim model, it is common to find worn effects or torn parts, which gives a much more modern and urban touch. On the other hand, on sporty models, an original addition are the numbers or inscriptions, mainly next to the front pockets.

Ideal for POLINESIA.es sneakers.

As for the combination of these garments with the rest of the look, you can get all your creativity. Of course, one of the items to which you should pay more attention is the sneaker. At POLINESIA.es you will find a wide variety to choose from, and there will always be a model that fits your style perfectly.

Models inspired by the Reebok Classic or the Nike Air Jordan are among the preferred options for sweatpants, cotton, joggers or any other clearly sporty trousers. In those cases, you can wear them without socks or with low socks, preferably.

But if you're looking for a more chic style, you'll have to focus your attention on urban sneakers, many of them made of fabric with synthetic soles. They are ideal for denim style and many other modern and cosmopolitan models, whether they are skinny jeans, pirates or even leggings.

You set the limits! Find your favourite items in the women's trousers section and order online now to take advantage of our great discount offers!

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