In this category of men's socks from you have a lot to choose from. Low and high models, discreet and flashy, sporty and walking. Each season, our proposals are renewed, but what remains intact is the current and original style of Polinesia and the brands that have their place in our catalog. Check out the new products and order online. And don't forget to take a look at our offers: or do you want to give up discounts of up to 70%?

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High socks or low socks: that's the question

A question that plagues many of our young customers, and perhaps you too, is: high or low socks? Or to put it another way: short or long? It's a decision you'll have to make depending on several aspects: the time of the year you'll wear them, the shoes and trousers you'll combine them with, your own personal style... Let's take a brief look at it.

High or long socks are usually worn with long trousers, in those cases where they are covered under them. However, there are also many sporty styles that are worn with shorts when exercising. A training look can easily be worn with socks above the ankle.

But it's a different story when it comes to summer. The models that go best with the heat and with summer clothes are low or short, below the ankle. The difference is not too much to do with comfort, as both are comfortable, but with lightness and freshness: with low designs, the foot will breathe better, although this also depends on the shoes chosen in the look.

Winter socks deserve a special mention, especially thick and high, designed to be worn in the coldest season and with high boots: the foot will be protected and well supported inside a bulky shoe like this.

Men's socks: designs to suit all tastes

When it comes to design, our men's socks section also has something for everyone. Whether you like simplicity or prefer to concentrate your boldness on other parts of your look, there are plenty of single-colour styles to choose from. Neutral colours are never lacking: especially whites and greys, which will go with most trainers and trousers.

If, on the other hand, your originality knows no bounds and you also want to express it in these items of clothing, our selection brings you models with fun patterns and prints, often in bright colours and with funny winks. You'll find them in both short and long socks, but especially in the latter, which 'look' much more.

What is usually common in all models is the detail of the brand, either the logo or the name, which may appear on the sole, heel, toes or instep. Polinesia does not renounce to it, so you can show off your choice and style.

How to combine these garments

When it's time to combine them, you have a free hand to configure your look, and the socks have a lot to say, especially in relation to your shoes and trousers. As we said, the low models are more suitable with shorts. As for sneakers, they are valid with running shoes, casual canvas, urban trainers or sneakers of all kinds. As they are less visible, the preferred designs are single-colour designs, mainly in white and grey, although some proposals also introduce secondary colours, which provide an original counterpoint and can be matched with other garments in the outfit.

As for high socks, it depends on how daring you are. If you don't like to take risks, tall, plain, single-coloured models are recommended for wearing with long trousers, in any style. On the other hand, if you're really swag, you can dare to wear a tall sock with shorts and low sneakers, with which you'll be able to show off its design. And if you're really proud of your socks and you want to show them off even in winter, go for a pair of pirate trousers: those bare centimetres will make all the difference!