Renew your urban looks with the latest men's trousers. Cargo pants, chinos, biker or jogger pants printed, black, khaki, white, blue or red.

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Tracksuit trousers and dress trousers to mark style

The pants that you will find in, beyond its cut and design, are mainly of three types: sweatpants, dress pants and Bermuda shorts. Tracksuit trousers are very sporty bottoms that, although they make it easier to practice occasional exercise, they are more of a completely 'street' proposal, to wear when you meet your friends in the neighborhood, when you go to class or when you want to go for a walk around the city and want to show your urban and sporty side.

Dress trousers are very varied, but they have a more elegant and special touch. They are not as sporty as tracksuit trousers, but they are very comfortable for any situation of your day to day. All of them are usually perfect for afternoon and evening wear or for occasions where you need to show a casual and urban elegance. Sneakers or even the most sophisticated running shoes are good combination proposals for many of these models.

And of course, in the summer season, the star is the Bermuda shorts. You'll find them in our Men's Trousers section and in other sections such as those dedicated to the seasonal collections or the Outlet offers. And as you'll see, the styles we cover are the extravagant Hawaiian ones as well as the denim longboard, the cargo with side pockets or the surf style.

Great variety of styles in men's trousers

As we said, the greatest variety and originality is in the section of dress pants. Among the most common types on our website, which are also the favorite of trendy, urban and original guys like you, are the jogger, skinny or skinny, slim and baggy or 'shitty'.

Jogger pants are very fashionable and fit perfectly with the spirit of Polinesia: young, sporty, alternative, trendy and groundbreaking clothes. In fact, they are a type of garment inspired by the classic tracksuit trousers characterized by a loose cut on the thighs but tighter to the leg as it descends towards the foot, finally topped with an elastic band at the bottom. Sporty and trendy.

Denim is also very present and, although it has its nuances, it encompasses the denim proposals, traditionally very light trousers. In this men's denim fashion there is room for numerous finishes, such as ripped, worn, faded and many others.

Those who prefer tight-fitting garments will have a choice of skinny models, usually assimilated to what is known in Spanish as pitillo, or slim, somewhat wider at the ankle.

And those who prefer looser cuts, pay attention to the straight or straight models, or even the baggy or saggy ones, ideal for rapper styles, which in the most extreme cases can be considered real bloomers. The nuances are up to you, with your personal style and your choice of combination. Stay tuned because in our catalogue of novelties we have room for the most current and trendy proposals.

Colours and finishes: free bar

Finally, as far as colours and finishes are concerned, our men's trousers section also allows for all kinds of possibilities. Grey is always one of the most common, especially in those garments with a marked sporty touch. However, it is no surprise to find other much more flamboyant and extravagant colours, ideal for swaggering customers. And let's not forget the wide range of prints that can be applied, always according to the new urban and current trends, such as models with camouflage print.

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