Men's wallets and belts

In the men's wallets section of you have just one click away a great selection of this type of accessories: modern and original, its trendy design is not incompatible with ergonomics and organization. In them you will find space for your documents and your money, and they will fit perfectly in your pocket or any other accessory you use to carry your things, such as backpacks or fanny packs. Take a look around our website and discover this accessory that will surprise you at a glance.

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An accessory that says a lot about you

Wallets seem like a secondary masculine accessory, since they are not worn out of sight. However, they are essential both for your own organization and to show your personality through their design. The few or many times you wear them, they will say a lot about you: about the way you are and your own style.

If you use a bag of poor quality, old and outdated, you will be transmitting an image of disorder. On the other hand, with an accessory like the ones in this section, you will be transmitting a modern style and a good personal organization. Why should this be at odds with a trendy, swag and transgressor style?

Therefore, in our section of men's wallets we bring you the most current and innovative, the most groundbreaking and striking, but also the most ergonomic and those that have a more comfortable interior organization for you. Polinesia is in charge of designing them taking care of the smallest detail, from the closure to the interior distribution, including prints, materials and size. And also, in our online store there will also be space for other brands that bet on the same quality and modern style. Do you want to discover it?

Men's wallets: proposals that are renewed

In you will find different designs, depending on the season, the brands and the designs of each one of them. There is no single model, so we encourage you to consult and discover the novelties that we are introducing.

In this type of accessories we bet on quality materials that transmit a young and daring spirit. From synthetic leather to others more original and surprising, such as cork or chambray, among others, always able to give an unexpected air to an accessory like this. As for the designs, prints with summer or urban designs make their way into a collection that always includes more sober models with the Polinesia logo clearly visible.

As for the interior organization, in these wallets, there is usually space for your main documents: ID, bank cards, photos and wallet, as well as a place for coins in some cases. Everything will be well organized and will take up little space.

For the closure, the options are also varied and young and ingenious solutions predominate, such as elastic bands. But you can also opt for others such as buttons, zippers or Velcro.

h2-Other Polinesia accessories to organize your things

Beyond this section of men's wallets, in you will also find other sections with accessories in which to store your things and even where to carry your wallet if you prefer not to put it in your pocket. We are talking mainly about backpacks, gymsacks and fanny packs. The latter are the smallest and, although they became popular as a purely practical item, in they are renewed with original designs, without giving up their usefulness.

The gymsacks, on the other hand, are a bag for the back that are usually used in summer. As their name suggests, they became popular as a gym bag, in which to carry exercise clothes and basic documents. However, they are increasingly used to go to the beach, to the pool or just to go out for a casual walk with friends.

And backpacks, of course, are the largest capacity and the most urban sport style, perfect for any everyday moment and with great capacity. Many of them include interior compartments for wallets, mobile phones and other small objects.

If you thought that organizational accessories could not be 'in' and groundbreaking, take a look at our website. And what's more, they can be yours with discounts of up to 70%!

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