Which is better: comfortable or trendy briefs? briefs or briefs? bare waist or underpants? Everyone is different, with their own preferences. And in the Men's Underwear section of there is something for all tastes, although with a special predilection for young models and with a sporty air, as always characterizes Polinesia. If you want to discover the latest proposals of our brand and other fashion brands, just take a look at our website. You can also find exclusive offers and discounts online, so don't wait any longer!

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Designs and styles of our boxer briefs

Few choices are as personal as those of underpants, where comfort is as important or more important than their design. However, at you will find groundbreaking and innovative proposals that will cover both aspects. Those looking for a fun, fresh and swag style, have to choose models with prints of the most original, bold colors and many other aesthetic details, often with a wide and colorful waist for those who want to wear this intimate garment with sagging pants. The preferred option in these cases are usually boxers, ideal for urban looks where they are well exposed.

And those who give priority to comfort and support, will also have to choose from this selection of They are the briefs, classics renewed on this website that show a more sporty air and are less suitable to wear with saggy or baggy pants, but with all the others. And of course, they are as trendy and fashionable as any other.

Comic book designs, brand name waistbands to show off your style, skulls, contrasting colours, black and white, checks, original messages... The possibilities are varied in each season's collections: choosing will be easy for you!

Composition and other details

Men's underwear is made with the kindest fabrics and the most skin-friendly finishes, even more so than for other garments. Of course, cotton is the most commonly used, because of its softness and natural feel. In addition, to provide the necessary flexibility and support, small percentages of elastane are also used, so that the garment fits perfectly in all cases.

As we said, the most common models are briefs and boxer shorts. The former are shorter, while the latter are longer and go beyond the groin to the upper part of the thigh. Less common are the traditional, loose-fitting briefs, popular decades ago and now reserved for more retro outfits.

What is the best men's underwear for you?

Depending on your preferences, there will be briefs that are right for you. If you can boast a great body and your priority is comfort, support and sporty style, then briefs are definitely the best. They can be worn under any type of trousers, whether short or long, sport or casual, with or without a belt, but on the condition that they do not sag.

In the case that the trousers are worn sagging, the best option are the boxer shorts. Especially if your look is urban and swag, daring and with personality. Boxer shorts provide similar comfort to briefs, but now they become one more garment of the outfit, since they are now uncovered. Therefore, choose well the colour, the print, the width of the waist and the words that will be shown, as well as the trousers that will be worn with them and the upper garment, which is usually a T-shirt.

Finally, loose briefs, which have less presence in our Men's Underwear category, make sense in vintage outfits and for men who feel more freedom without restraint. However, they will be uncomfortable with slightly tight pants, as unwanted creases will form in the garment and it could also lose its natural position.

Which one would you feel more comfortable with? Look for them on our website and choose your favourite model. And if you refine your search, you can find them at a much cheaper price thanks to our online offers, place your order and enjoy our advantages!