Create your own style with the hottest women's fanny packs of the moment. Dress your way with transparent, iridescent, padded or metallic fanny packs with studs, prints or logos.

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A comfortable and original alternative to backpacks and bags.

There was a time when fanny packs were little more than an item without style or personality, used by men and mainly in work environments. They were practical and comfortable, but little more. However, that time has passed, and the proposals that can now be found in the women's catalog of POLINESIA.es have little to do with it. Now they show an urban, sporty and very young style. 100% Polinesia style!

In fact, they have become a real alternative to backpacks and bags: if you're going to carry small items such as keys, mobile phone, purse and little else, why do you want to carry a big accessory like that? Fanny packs are more than enough to carry the basic belongings of a normal day. Besides, they are placed at a similar height as many of the bags are carried: at the waist. But the fact that it is strapped to it makes it more comfortable and manageable.

Most of the models have one or more zippers as closure, although there are also some with buttons, Velcro and other solutions, depending on their style and design. As for the strap, they are perfectly adjustable, so you can wear them tighter or looser, depending on your personal preferences.

Women's bum bags: styles and designs

Of course, the predominant style in this section of women's fanny packs is sporty. It could not be otherwise in POLINESIA.es, which is committed to young, modern and urban fashion without neglecting the sporty spirit that is also very 'in'. This means that comfort is an essential feature in all of them, but also the cheerful and fun colors, on synthetic materials used for their manufacture.

That doesn't mean that there is no room in our catalogue for other sporty styles, but with a different touch. This is the case of the most ethnic proposals, either because they are full of prints of this type or because they show original details such as fringes, synthetic leather appliqués and other options.

In any case, the prints give a lot of play in this collection and many different resources are used to achieve innovative and urban proposals: cosmic drawings, summer, skulls, suggestive messages ... The strap used to tie the fanny pack to the waist is precisely a space with many possibilities: logos, brand names and color games conquer this part. In the case of Polinesia, the iconic letters POLINESIA are a real eye-catcher.

Gymsacks: halfway between fanny packs and backpacks

In this category of women's fanny packs there is also room for other modern accessories with a similar utility. These are the gymsacks, women's bags that are halfway between a fanny pack and a backpack: they are not as light as the former and not as bulky as the latter. They are worn on the back like backpacks, but are an ideal accessory for small items, with a larger capacity than fanny packs. What doesn't change is the sporty and modern character. With ethnic prints, original patterns and bright colours, the style is the same.

Take a look at these and other fashion proposals from POLINESIA.es, with which you will show your most original and sporty side. And find out about our promotions: you can save up to 70% if you take advantage of our end-of-season discounts. To do this, drop by our website from time to time, subscribe to our Newsletter or follow us on our social media profiles, you won't want to miss it!

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