The women's socks category is made up of these garments that, although they are not very visible in many cases, they are important to show your personal style and to provide comfort. In these lines we show you why the urban and modern proposals of POLINESIA.es are special and in this same page you will find numerous models that will fit your style and the type of footwear you use. Enter the sports fashion with good foot and take advantage of our promotions!

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An accessory that is much more important than it looks

Socks are hidden there, most of the time under the trousers or under the sneakers, and it seems that they are not very important because they are not very visible. But that's not the case: they should be taken into account for both style and comfort. There's no point in putting together the best look if the socks don't match. And it won't do any good to match them if you find them uncomfortable or if they cause chafing. POLINESIA.es helps you in your choice with quality garments with an urban, sporty and young character.

One of the main aspects to choose one sock or another is the time of the year. Logically, winter socks are thicker and warmer, not only to provide more warmth to the foot but also to fit better to winter footwear, which is usually more robust, mainly with high street or hiking boots. For this reason and to avoid chafing, they are usually higher, covering the ankle.

On the other hand, in summer we find another type of socks, in this case lower, lighter and cooler, which do not exceed the ankle. They are ideal for wearing with low sneakers and with shorts or tights, to name just a few examples.

It is also worth mentioning another type of sock that is even shorter: footies, which go completely unnoticed from the outside because they are not visible, but they cover the foot enough to avoid internal chafing and give more comfort to this part of the body. They are common both when practicing sports and in looks with sneakers in which you want to give the impression of not wearing socks.

Women's socks: more surprises than you can imagine

When you take a look at the Women's Socks section, you will discover many surprises. Pleasant surprises related to style. For example, because there is room for both discreet options with neutral colours, such as grey, white or black, but there are also other models that go for strong colours and even fluorine, a tone with a very marked sporty character.

Those with bold prints will also catch your eye, either because of the colours used or because of the drawings and prints on the garment. In addition, it is common for the instep, ankle or sole to proudly display the name or logo of the brand, especially in the case of Polinesia and its iconic POLINESIA lettering.

What shoes to wear each type of sock with?

When it comes to wearing socks, you need to think about what type of footwear and what bottom you are going to wear in your look. In this sense, long models are recommended in those cases in which the shoe is high, if you want to look for comfort and avoid chafing. But they are also recommended with low sneakers if the print is eccentric and what you want is to draw attention, you won't leave anyone indifferent!

For the rest of the options, the best choice is usually the low ones, for comfort and discretion, but also for those fashionistas who love to go barefoot whenever they can: if that's your case, take care of the style of this garment if you don't want to be noticed!

Take a look at our catalogue and check prices and sizes. Usually, the women's socks section shows packs of two or three pairs, at really irresistible prices. And even more if they are discounted: there will be opportunities of up to -70%. Enjoy dressing in a trendy way and follow us to discover all the news of our brand: our social networks and our regular Newsletter will keep you always informed!