When temperatures rise, there is a piece of clothing that becomes the protagonist of men's fashion: Bermuda shorts. In this section of men's shorts we show you the best of the Polinesia brand and other prestigious brands of the moment. As you will see, the variety of styles is at your height, with styles and colors that will fit your way of being. Take a look at this men's Bermuda shorts catalogue and feel at ease with a fresh, urban and trendy look. And if you take advantage of the promotions on our website... You'll get up to 70% off!

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One garment, multiple styles

Despite being an apparently simple garment, shorts show that they are capable of adopting multiple styles, and all of them current and original. Bermuda shorts are usually understood as a type of shorts for the beach, in some cases even swimwear, whose lightness and colorfulness are well suited to the most summery environments. And this is the case in many of our proposals, especially in the spring summer collections.

However, many other times it is not so: in this selection of garments you will find many other shorts with very different characteristics. This is the case of denim, indigo or denim style, ideal for a casual and fresh look, always with a very urban and cosmopolitan air, especially if combined with accessories such as hats or sunglasses. The basic t-shirts are a top that always goes very well with them, but it is by no means the only option.

In this catalogue you will also find many other more casual proposals, such as cargo style trousers with pockets on the sides and a characteristic khaki or beige tone. All of them accept belts in the same tone, whether they are made of fabric, leather or other material.

Colours and details in Bermuda shorts for men

Regardless of the style that show us, this type of summer pants are characterized by other details many details. Very important is the length, which is often marked by the fashion of the season. For this reason, our catalogue has been and will continue to be full of garments that go above the knee, stay just at the knee or stay above the knee, in the shortest cases.

The color palette is also wide, because the summer season lends itself to greater experimentation with colors, although the commitment to bright colors is something that many young swag style pursue all year round. In these garments, bold colours are applied to sporty shorts or beachwear, while many casual shorts achieve a point of casualness by dyeing themselves in colour. It's not common in long trousers, but it is in this case, with shades like sky blue. However, neutral colours, especially grey, are also very popular in this and other collections.

All this without forgetting the original finishes of these garments: many firms bet on bold and modern prints, such as camouflage, which has been recovered from oblivion for this and many other men's garments.

Accessories to wear with these trousers

Beyond our Men's Shorts section you can find many other items that are often associated with these summer garments. Footwear is an accessory very influenced by these pants, both in the style itself and in the way to wear them: many sneakers can be worn without socks when they are part of these looks.

Of course, flip-flops or sandals are footwear items that are linked to these pants as well. A plus of freshness to the set that in many cases provides an unmistakable style. The most vintage will surely prefer the espadrille type sneakers, recently recovered for modern young fashion and that has conquered the look of many boys.

And finally, special mention to the T-shirts, the most common top when we talk about men's bermuda shorts. Basic for the most casual and sober trousers and eccentric and colourful prints for the most daring models, sometimes they can be combined with short-sleeved shirts to achieve a hipster touch.

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