The Men's Shoes section of has everything you are looking for: sporty and modern models, sneakers with retro air of the most original, great classics that have marked an entire era ... Therefore, it is one of the most popular corners of our website, since it is also where there is greater variety and greater renewal of models. If you do not want to be left out and want to enjoy our news and discounts, just follow us on social networks or visit us periodically. The most urban and current sneakers are just a click away!

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A star section in

There is no doubt that the Men's Shoes section of is one of the most popular sections of our website, and not by chance. It is a space that is continually renewed and that brings together a huge variety of models, either from new collections or from previous campaigns.

One of the reasons for the success of this selection of footwear is that they are items that bring together the main characteristics that define our brand. On the one hand, they are sports garments without being technical training or competition shoes, but they are clearly oriented to street looks. On the other hand, they are very urban items, either because they reflect the latest fashion trends or because they retain a classic touch that makes them retro. It's the perfect option for swag, skate, rappers, hipsters and any other who are looking for a modern, unique and 'in' spirit.

The Polinesia models are probably the most original. With more futuristic designs in some cases, our brand dares to use contrasting colours, avant-garde shapes and original details. However, our brand also bets on other footwear solutions, such as the boot.

Great brands in men's footwear

One of the aspects that our customers like the most is that in this section we also have the big footwear brands. We are talking about sports brands that, leaving aside their more technical proposals, offer here their most elegant designs, designed to be worn in casual and casual looks.

Nike is one of these brands, normally represented with all kinds of sneakers, from high-tops for more sophisticated looks to low-tops that are much more casual, as well as ultra-modern and vintage designs. The other big brands in the sector, such as Adidas or Reebok, also do not miss their appointment with

However, our website also gives the opportunity to other brands that, although they are very prestigious, often do not have the global diffusion of the aforementioned firms. A good example of this is Le Coq Sportif, one of the most important sports brands in France, which fits perfectly in our website because it exudes urban and modern style, with an elegant touch in all its models. And beyond sneakers, our Men's Shoes section also includes other variants, such as flip-flops, an increasingly popular solution in summer. In addition to the proposals of our brand, other brands such as Havaianas are also welcome on the web.

Combine our footwear as you like

If you take a look at the other sections of you will find inspiration to combine our footwear. Whatever time of the year you place your order, you will have a multitude of proposals at your fingertips. From shorts for your low sneakers to more elegant trousers for high sneakers or boots, through swimsuits for your flip-flops and many other exclusive options for you. And all this without forgetting skinny jeans, slim or any kind of jeans, which are a real wildcard since they accept all kinds of options.

Check out the proposals of our Men's Shoes section to know in detail the models available at the moment and look at the rest of our website for the best combination options. In addition, if you become a follower of Polinesia on our social networks, you will know all the news of our website, both in terms of new models and special offers. Save up to 70% and move to the most urban and young fashion with our seasonal collections!

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