Create your own style with the top men's urban sweatshirts of the moment. Find kangaroo sweatshirts, vintage style, with message, color block or oversize cut.

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A garment with a sporty and modern spirit

Sweatshirts are garments with an obvious sporty style, as they were originally used for exercising. But without abandoning that sporty touch, original and modern young people like you have turned it into a casual garment to wear in all kinds of situations, not only sporty. In fact, they can be combined with practically all types of urban style trousers, from jeans to joggers, skinny or slim.

Baggy pants or 'shitty' are also a type of pants widely used with our men's sweatshirts, since this type of sports jersey is very common in rappers environments and in looks pretending to be urban. The combination of both, especially when you opt for baggy and wide models, results in a groundbreaking set that leaves no one indifferent and with which you will easily identify.

Comfort is a common feature of all these POLINESIA garments, which are generally made of cotton. The level of warmth they provide depends on their thickness, but they are usually ideal items for autumn, winter and spring, and even for cooler summer nights.

Simple or with hood, drawstring and pocket

As you can see in our Men's Sweatshirts section, you can find hooded and hoodless models. Hooded models are the most common and the ones that show a more urban and rebellious style. Normally they also have drawstrings at the neck and pockets at belly level. The aim of the former is to adjust the hood to the head and the latter is to provide extra comfort and warmth for the hands. However, they have become rather inescapable aesthetic details in this type of design.

The simple sweatshirts, without hood, drawstring or pockets, are the models with a sportier feel, those that derive directly from the training garments that were popular several decades ago, so they also exude an interesting vintage feel. Now, with an updated concept and design, they are now a fully 'street' option.

Finally, another type of sweatshirt that you will find in our online store is closer to the classic sweater, but in POLINESIA it is far from being traditional and conventional. They can be knitted garments or intentionally more elegant, without leaving aside the cosmopolitan, young and alternative style. They are designed for more nocturnal and special atmospheres.

Designs and colours in our sweatshirts

Most of our men's sweatshirts stand out for their print or inscription on the front. Whether they refer to cities, dates or suggestive ideas, the effect is modern and current. Sometimes these prints are original, such as the camouflage prints used here in a transgressive way.

As for the colours, the main protagonist is undoubtedly grey, which has always been closely linked to this type of garment. It is one of the colors that best combines with the rest, as shown in our selection of proposals, and at the same time conveys a young and sporty style.

But grey is by no means the only colour in our men's sweatshirts section. The list is very extensive and includes both black and white as well as other more striking colours, such as red or blue, either for the print or as the main tone of the garment.

Take a look at this collection of items and choose your favourite model, which you will love for its comfort and originality, and make a style statement with just one click on the Polinesia website, with discounts of up to 70% off!

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