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T-shirts polinésias para homem

Descubra a nossa secção exclusiva de T-shirts urbanas para homem. Compre online ou visite as nossas lojas e encontrará a melhor relação qualidade-preço.

T-shirts with unique and urban design

In this wide collection of men's T-shirts you will find essential and, at the same time, unconventional garments that will help you to create your own urban style. Made mainly in cotton, many of them stand out for their original print on the front, with very different motifs: images of big cities, evocative inscriptions, dates, numbers and many other details that will bring out your most modern and cosmopolitan side.

This innovative and trendy design is not at odds with comfort, another inseparable characteristic of all Polinesia T-shirt collections: light, soft, elastic and breathable in many cases, they are ideal to wear in any environment, whether it's to go to school, to a 'get-together' with friends or to do some jumps at the skatepark.

Design variations of our men's T-shirts

In this Polinesia online shop, where there is space for the most current and innovative garments, you will find different design variants to choose from. Surely the most common is the classic cotton t-shirt with round neck, although thanks to the original prints that show, they will no longer be classic to become transgressive and unique.

However, this design is far from being the only one. Very common, especially in the summer campaign, are the t-shirts with armhole sleeves: cooler and rapper-style proposals, often inspired by the world of basketball but that conquer all kinds of environments, from a secluded beach to the busiest square in a big city.

In addition to the aforementioned round neck, POLINESIA also dares to use other collars. In this sense, the V-neck is one of the most interesting alternatives, very present in basic T-shirts, either in light or dark tones. Less wide and a little tighter cut than the rest, the garments with this design are perfect to achieve a more casual and elegant touch in a modern and young look, simple but with a lot of personality.

Regarding the width and size, it's up to you. The cut of some of these garments delves into the aforementioned rapper style, either by being looser or by being longer than usual, which allows them to be combined with baggy pants or low-rise pants. You'll find them in a variety of tones and colours, from the most striking to the most neutral, which, enriched with the print and combined to your taste, will also stand out for their originality.

For any time of the year

Our men's T-shirts section includes proposals for any time of the year. In some cases they will be content to be underwear in winter, in other cases they will be combined with shirts or jackets that will expose the great print on the front, especially in between seasons, and in many other occasions they will be the real protagonist of the set, especially in summer or in warm indoor environments.

However, these POLINESIA men's garments lend themselves to any type of combination and, why not, they can also be worn as a double T-shirt: a short-sleeved one over a long-sleeved one, looking for a more sophisticated look without leaving the current urban style.

Take a look at the selection of men's T-shirts in our online store and also find other perfect items to combine, either skinny trousers or joggers, a cap or a backpack to match and any other accessory of our brand or other related brands. Check our free shipping policy and benefit from the best deals in this and other seasons thanks to our Outlet with discounts of up to 70%. Complete your style at the best price without leaving home or from your smartphone with!