Discover the collection of comfortable and fashionable men's urban sneakers. Find retro, classic, skate or sneakers for style with attitude.

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Types of sneakers in

The men's sneakers catalogue is wide and varied, with proposals for all tastes and with very different types of footwear. For any time of the year and for any urban look that you configure. The Polinesia brand brings you innovative proposals, both from a casual and elegant point of view and from a transgressive and eccentric one, so that you can break the mould with your personal image. These proposals are joined by many of the best brands of youth footwear of the moment, including two giants like Nike and Adidas, and other firms with great tradition as Le Coq Sportif or New Balance. The sporty style of some does not eclipse the chic side of others, without forgetting urban, vintage or futuristic models, among others.

Two of the styles that never go out of fashion are the ones started by the Reebok Classic and the Converse high top sneakers, all of them renewed and back in fashion, if they ever went out of fashion. Canvas sneakers are also still very popular, as well as those inspired by the mythical Air Jordan design. And of course, also occupy a prominent place and own flip-flops or sandals, increasingly sophisticated and a very good choice for the summer season. sneakers catalog is constantly renewed, so that these types of footwear are added to many others, which set trends and connect with the taste of the most current young people. Check our website periodically or subscribe to our Newsletter to be aware of all the news that are introduced in our catalog.

Designs that give a lot of play

Whatever the type of sneakers you choose, they will give you a lot of play when it comes to dress them. If you choose elegant sneakers, why not choose a casual look with slim trousers and a basic white T-shirt? And if you opt for a retro sneaker made of fabric with a reinforced toecap, like a Converse All Star, why not try them with some original jogger trousers and a print T-shirt? And with toe sandals, have you tried replicating their style with bermuda shorts?

Of course, colours also have a lot to say. On the one hand, in this section of men's sneakers you'll find models in a single colour or in several colours, often in similar shades and in other cases with strongly contrasting colours, something that many young people are looking for. And on the other hand, the choice of this type of footwear should also be taken with the mind set on the color of the rest of the set. However, there are very versatile models that can be used indistinctly in very different situations.

In fact, the combinations are countless, especially in daring young people like you, who have no complexes but enough personality to create a style of their own.

Other accessories to put the icing on the cake

Finally, do not miss the opportunity to browse to discover many other accessories that will put the perfect finishing touch to your style, like the accessories in this section Men's shoes. Refine your search and find original hats for the winter, as well as gloves or scarves. And for any time of the year, think about how your POLINESIA shoes would look with belts or wallets from our website.

Sneakers are much more than just a piece of footwear. They have the ability, like no other fashion item, to perfectly express your personal style. Colors, finishes or brands will say much more about you than you think. What are you waiting for to take the floor and dress with the newest models of the moment?

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