Can a flip-flop be comfortable, sporty and urban at the same time? The answer is 'Yes'. And the proof is in this Men's Flip Flops section, where brings together the best proposals in this footwear item, which has already made a place for itself in many men's looks, no longer being a mere bathing accessory. If you want to discover the most interesting models of the moment, just take a brief look at our catalog, you will not believe the variety, originality and price of what we offer!

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Flip-flops, a must for the summer

Flip-flops have become, by their own merits, a summer must-have. And not only for women, but also for men. The improvements in this footwear item and the original designs of the brands have made this type of summer sandal an option to take into account in any summer look. At you can find a selection of proposals from Polinesia and also from other brands specialising in these garments, such as Havaianas.

Of course, as a bathing accessory they are unrivalled: they are light and waterproof footwear, perfect for getting out of the sea water or the swimming pool. They're even good for a quick shower after a dip, as they don't get damaged by the chlorine in the pool or the sand and salt on the beach.

But the newest thing is that flip-flops have also conquered the street, as they are increasingly present in street looks in the summer season. Now you can go for a walk with friends or have a drink on the promenade without looking out of place - on the contrary! All you have to do is choose the right outfit for the rest of your outfit. But don't worry, a little further down we give you some tips about it.

Variety of designs in Men's Flip Flops

As you can see in this selection of men's flip flops, the designs are varied and very original. If you are looking for a simple, single-colour design, no problem: at you will find numerous proposals in this style and in all kinds of colours, whether neutral or bright. On the other hand, if you prefer a more original design, the options are also abundant: combinations of contrasting colours, prints on the sole or the sole, suggestive drawings or ribbons with a transparent effect are just some of the many possibilities that you could find here.

The type of flip-flop is similar in most cases: they are toe sandals with a simple strap at the toe. The material used to make them is synthetic, which makes them waterproof and allows them to dry quickly. This is why they are so suitable for bathing.

Soles have undergone a great deal of development in recent years. They are no longer the simple flat soles of the past, but now offer more performance and comfort thanks to breathable soles or designs with relief on the outermost side of the garment, preventing slipping.

What to wear these footwear items with?

There are some items of clothing that go perfectly with flip-flops. And all of them are well represented in the catalogue. An almost inseparable garment of this footwear is the swimsuit, which often shows a combination of colours as daring as the flip-flop itself. And if you're not going to use them for a swim, you can choose a good number of shorts to match, especially those more summery and colourful models.

For the rest of the outfit, you can opt for t-shirts with print, a summer classic that fits well with both shorts and swimsuits. Short sleeves are a good choice, but armhole sleeves are also a good choice. And as accessories, the cap is another summer must-have, whether you're looking for a skate look or just want to protect yourself from the sun.

To discover all this and much more, browse our website. In the Men's Flip Flops section you have a wide variety of models from Polinesia, Havaianas and other brands at your disposal. And if you spend a few minutes more, you will also find any other garment for your summer look. And follow us on social networks to benefit from discounts and promotions!

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