Get a unique and groundbreaking style with Polinesia's urban sweatshirts for women. Find cropped, oversized, hooded, printed, maxi or half-zip sweatshirts.

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A garment that can not miss today

POLINESIA.es sweatshirts are a good shortcut to achieve a totally modern and urban style. Original and with a wide cut, they will show your most rebellious and transgressive side, even in those models with apparently classic garments such as knitwear. Their design, the rest of the garments and your personality will take your look away from the tedium of the masses and will make you be different and innovative.

The most sporty women have a lot to choose from in this section of women's sweatshirts, with models that are inspired by the usual sports sweatshirt but that incorporate purely feminine design details and suitable for a street look. In cotton and comfortable, they're perfect for going to class, training or just hanging out with friends in the neighbourhood.

Women's sweatshirts: a section where everything fits

Although the prototype of the sports sweatshirt is already known by everyone, in the case of women's collections they manage to find a more innovative and different point. And they do it with a lot of details, even in those models in which the classic belly pockets or the hood with drawstrings at the neck are not missing. Wearing this one over your head will give you, without a doubt, a more rebellious, non-conformist and interesting touch.

On our website you will be surprised by the creative designs for this garment. For example with urban, young and cosmopolitan messages, which can be even more original with sequins, metallic appliqués or glitter. Numbers have a great evocative power and prints also tend to have their place in many models. Others, on the other hand, opt for prints, such as camouflage or animal print, either on the whole sweatshirt or only on a part of it. Elbow patches, buttons, asymmetrical hems... One of the great things about this garment is that it can be worn with almost anything!

And that's not the end of it: it's not unusual to find sweatshirts with a zip fastening like a jacket or others with a particularly wide round neck. If you opt for an oversized model, you will be choosing an openly urban proposal. In this case, you will also find many other accessories on our website to complete your look, such as net caps with wide visors.

What to combine sweatshirts with

To combine this garment you just have to take a look at the rest of POLINESIA.es or get inspired by the images in this same category of Sweatshirts woman, which is a lookbook in itself. One of the favorite options of many girls of urban sport character is to contrast the wide cut of this type of sweaters with a particularly tight bottom: whether slim or skinny pants, or even leggings or jeggings that put the accent on the original style of the garment and the feminine lines of the silhouette.

Those who have a marked and undeniable sporty style can also take a look at leggings: before or after sport, a Polinesian sweatshirt can be the perfect garment that brings you style, comfort and warmth.

In any case, you have complete freedom to try other trousers, including sweatpants, of course. Cotton jogger style trousers with elasticated ankle cuffs are among the favourites.

Don't miss the chance to discover the most original proposals in this collection of women's sweatshirts: we renew them periodically, so we recommend you check this section from time to time or subscribe to our Newsletter. That way you'll be ahead of the rest and, what's more, you'll be able to do so while enjoying the best offers of the moment: if you take advantage of them, you can save up to 70% on your purchases. Don't miss out!

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