Don't miss the urban dresses with innovative and modern designs: baseball, t-shirt, sports, ribbed, cotton or velvet dresses in black, red, white or blue.

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Dresses: feminine and urban garments at the same time

POLINESIA.es dresses are not like the others. They are able to be feminine and urban at the same time, and can be worn for a special get-together or simply for a casual stroll around the city centre. And the same goes for combinations: shoes or sneakers? The answer is, in many cases: either of the two options. Of course: the sporty spirit that permeates all Polinesia garments is also present here, and it can be seen in the comfort and freedom they offer.

It is also a valid option for any time of the year, especially in between seasons, since despite being light, many of them are long-sleeved and can be worn without problems with an undershirt or a thin jacket on top. You decide!

However, the lighter short-sleeved dresses are also one of the star options in this catalogue. Models to wear without any warm garment and that become the main protagonist of the look.

Women's Dresses: a section with surprising garments

If you thought that dresses could only be worn at the big events, you were wrong: there are also very original dresses to wear with a skate and swag look! Attitude counts a lot, but so does the cut of this garment, which is much wider than what we're used to from other brands. In this case, the lines are not too tight and in some cases they offer a very peculiar rapper touch.

The designs are very varied. One of the most common is the shirt dress: with striped finishes and rolled-up sleeves, it often achieves an unmistakable hipster effect. In this section of Women's Dresses you will also find denim models, transferring the characteristics of a denim shirt to a shirt dress in indigo or other colors. Patchwork is also very fashionable, which gives us proposals with a more hippie touch, especially if combined with extra wide sleeves in vintage style. Animal print, basic models in cotton and many other designs are always part of the catalogue of POLINESIA.es. Take a look and discover it!

And you, how would you combine your dress?

One of the advantages of Polinesia dresses is that you can combine them as you like, especially if your taste is urban and swag. One of the great possibilities are the tights: black or dark tights will help you to stylize your figure, and if you opt for a striped model, with print or colorful print, you will be the center of attention.

Sneakers are probably the most common footwear item with these POLINESIA.es garments, connecting precisely with the sporty spirit of our brand. Sneaker type, high top design, boxing style, retro Converse All Star or timeless as the Reebok Classic, you decide what kind of shoe is the one that best combines with you and your dress.

And as for the rest of the accessories, the possibilities are also very wide. Skate style hats will add the finishing touch to a rapper's look, while gymsacks won't go out of place with everyday looks. Our backpacks won't let you down and if you want to opt for a fitted waist, you can try adding a belt.

Don't wait any longer to explore all the options open to you in this Women's Dresses section. Get inspired by it and order online: you can benefit from incredible discounts, especially if you are part of our large group of followers on social networks: follow us to know all the news and enjoy the best advantages!