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Make a difference with the trendiest women's jackets of the moment. Quilted, cropped or vintage style jackets and denim, bomber or kangaroo pocket jackets.

Nike SYN

What does the jacket collection cover?

If you take a look around this page you will see that in a single space there are many proposals, different but at the same time with something in common: urban style with a sporty and very young point. These women's jackets are an essential garment in the autumn winter season because they bring two key aspects to your look: style and comfort. The first through a wide variety of models and the second, by means of fabrics and fabrics adapted to the coldest cold or cooler environments in between seasons.

Those with a rebellious, urban, transgressive and alternative style will find many models to suit them. Garments for which you don't need to rack your brains: wear them and you'll already be saying a lot about your style and your innovative and original personality.

On the other hand, there are other jackets that surprise from a different point of view: a sporty style, almost training, that provide comfort and a breath of naturalness to the wearer. In some cases they are close to the concept of a zip-up sweatshirt, but they are designed to be worn over a feminine sweater.

Women's jackets: many different types

Beyond this distinction between sporty and street models, which is not 100% accurate because the barrier between them is sometimes blurred, there are some types of jackets that can be part of our catalogue.

Among the sportier ones, the windjackets stand out, which are inspired by the design of windbreakers, in synthetic material and a certain shine, very light and ideal for wearing with tracksuit trousers or very sporty bottoms. Also with a very similar character are the baseball bags, which are reminiscent of the clothing of baseball teams but often merge with the college style. The result is always youthful and comfortable for the in-between seasons. And one of the coats that can be considered a real wild card is the quilted coat, which follows the down pattern but is renewed every year: longer or shorter, tighter at the waist and wrists, with or without flashy hoods, as a vest or with prints... The list of options is really extensive.

When it comes to more urban jackets, the options are no less abundant. The bomber always has a large group of followers, who enjoy seeing how each model introduces its own details that make it unique and different. Parkas are a winter favourite, being longer and sturdier, they protect from the cold while keeping the alternative and vintage style. As if this were not enough, denim jackets and fur jackets are not rare, the latter more chic and cosmopolitan, for night and special looks.

This list is by no means exclusive: our proposals are renewed over time and each season, so the articles that are part of this category of women's jackets will refer to the most 'in' trends, including those that do not appear in these lines.

Some ideas to add to your coat look

Coats are essential because, in the cold season, they become the most visible garment, the one that says the most about you. But apart from that, outside the section of women's jackets there are others in which you can find interesting accessories to reinforce your look. The most outstanding are probably the hats and scarves, which depending on their style and depending on how they are worn will show you more formal or more carefree.

Find out for yourself in and do not miss the opportunity to buy with significant discounts on our website.