Refresh your urban look with our modern and trendy men's jackets: quilted jackets, kangaroo jackets, denim jackets, neoprene or fleece hooded jackets.

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For winter and in-between seasons

When we say goodbye to summer and it starts to get cooler, there they are: jackets, which are gradually taking over from T-shirts and shorts in your look. They are usually more sober, but no less trendy and trendy. The first to arrive and the last to leave with the between-season garments, lighter, some even to wear directly over thin, short-sleeved T-shirts. And in the middle of winter, coats become the kings of your look: they are the main garment, the one that stands out the most and the one that sets your style. Choose well, because it will say a lot about you.

What you will find in Men's jackets at

The jackets you will find in are always current and fashionable, whether they are of our brand Polinesia or other sportswear brands with unconventional and groundbreaking proposals, as you like. We are constantly renewing our catalogue so that you can be ahead of the rest and set trends.

One of the coats that you will usually find in this selection of winter clothing is the down jacket. One of the great stars for its inner warmth, in it stops being a boring and simple garment to become an original, swag and colorful proposal, daring in terms of colors, finishes and design details.

The vests, which are also seen in our catalog, are sometimes feather type, although in other cases not. These sleeveless garments give a lot of play as far as combination is concerned, because it gives free rein to show off with the sweatshirt or the undergarment that, unlike what happens with the rest of jackets, here it does gain prominence, because it is more visible.

Bomber jackets are also often present in our winter clothing compilations. With designs updated to the new times and with a certain retro feel, the models on the Polinesia website are fully urban and cosmopolitan.

And for the in-between seasons, there are plenty of items that will catch your eye. For example, baseball jackets, inspired precisely by the usual baseball designs, so they convey an unmistakable American style. Even lighter and more heterogeneous are the windjackets or windbreakers, which are no longer purely sporty garments to conquer the streets of the big city and the most innovative looks, like yours.

Details you'll find in our garments

In our Men's Jackets section you will discover a wide variety of garments thanks to the unique details of the designs. Most of the closures of these are zippers, for its comfort and to connect with the young fashion. However, some of the jackets also dare with button closures, casual in some cases, sport in others.

It is not uncommon to find proposals with hood and drawstrings, inspired by sweatshirts and that allow you to experiment with your swag look, for example open and with the hood covering the head.

Finally, the play of colours and textures is very rich. Although dark and grey tones tend to predominate, as usual in the autumn-winter seasons, it won't be a surprise to find colourful and transgressive garments in intense colours. Prints also have their place: camouflage, coloured spots and many other original solutions. And as for the finish, shiny fabrics are an interesting solution for the outside of jackets, like feathers, while other jackets with a worn-out effect convey a much more vintage feel. Take a look at all our garments and get ready: at, everything is possible!

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