Men's urban shirts for a unique and personal style are at Polinesia. Find overshirts and shirts in plaid, stripes, miniprints or plain in white, black, mustard or blue.

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Forget the suit and tie. Leave aside the most stale chinos and patent leather or brogue shoes. At, the shirt goes out of the conventional and has a lot to say for daring and transgressive young men like you. And it does it in many ways. In our catalogue of men's shirts you can find designs of very varied styles, and all of them with a common denominator: they break the rules of the general fashion and the indoctrinated consumers. Therefore, be prepared to find shirts of all kinds. Of course, with a hipster look, one of the most urban trends of this century. Another trend that never goes out of fashion is denim, and our catalogue includes interesting proposals in denim and indigo style, renewed and updated. But you can also find them in grunge style, which broke the mould at the end of the 90s and which, with a sloppy Kurt Cobain look, are still very much in fashion today. And, why not, you can also be the center of attention with many other styles: surfer, hippies with mao collar and any other option that differentiates you from the rest and gives you a personal and unique look. It's true that to achieve that goal, you will also have to pay a lot of attention to the rest of your look, accessories and other details of your image. Prominent glasses, skinny jeans and a bushy beard will turn you into a real hipster. A denim-style belt and other leather garments will complete your denim look. Hats and frayed trousers will make you look very urban grunge and summery caps will give you a very surf touch. And that's just to continue with the above examples. Take a look at our catalogue and complete your own personal and non-transferable style.

Designs and colours of our shirts

The designs of shirts go a long way and are renewed every season. Of course, checkered models always have great prominence, being one of the most urban designs. The difference is made by the details, such as large or small plaids or contrasting pockets. But you also have a lot to say about it: open or closed collars, buttoned or unbuttoned buttons that let you see the inner shirt, sleeves rolled up or to the wrist... The colours you will find in our selection of men's shirts also know no limits. Although black and gray are common for their ability to contrast in check designs, nothing prevents the reds, blues and many other colors conquer the design of these garments. Indigo can also have a prominent place in those denim style proposals.

Details that are out of the ordinary shirts are out of the ordinary for other details that are a wink young, urban and swag in many cases. We are talking, for example, about the prints, which are part of the design of most of these garments, whether they are on the front or on the back: they are usually inscribed words or suggestive drawings that eliminate any suspicion of formality and classicism. Beyond the prints, the variety of details that will surprise you expands, for example, with original zippers that can appear on the sides, pockets or sleeves. Elbow patches or slightly padded designs can also be innovative nods to these timeless garments. Take a leisurely browse through all the proposals in the Men's Shirts section and discover many designs that fit your unique and original style. And if you take advantage of our online offers, they will be yours with great discounts! On our website you can find them up to 70% cheaper!