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To say that intimate apparel garments are the most personal and best reflect the true style of a woman is a truism. But it is true. Therefore, when it comes to dress you have to take care also the type of lingerie you wear. In this section you will know what are the proposals of, which will not leave you indifferent and will not disappoint you. And if you want to take advantage of the discounts that are always at your fingertips on our website, refine your search, you won't have to wait long to find incredible offers!

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Lingerie for any time of the day

The good thing about the Lingerie section of is that you will find underwear for any time of the day. If you are going to do sports, our catalog often brings you comfortable briefs in different sizes to go running, go to the gym or practice any other discipline.

If, on the other hand, you just need comfortable and fun briefs for a sporty, urban look, there are even more options. A stroll through the city centre, a shopping trip, a day at school? In all situations, our underwear will be there to give you comfort and make you feel good about yourself.

The styles that are available at are more varied than you could imagine. Without leaving aside a sporty touch, it will not be strange to find proposals with a hipster, ethnic or vintage air. And for this our firm resorts to many original details in terms of design. For example, the lace, very feminine but far from the boredom of other more adult garments. Here it is fresh, young and modern.

Lingerie: proposals that are updated

In the lingerie collection there is room for all types of intimate apparel that are fashionable and have a young and unique character. Tight-fitting briefs are an underwear option, whether they are shorter, like panties or a little longer in the leg, with a view to practice sports or to wear a rapper look with sagging pants.

There is also no shortage of thong-type underwear: more subtle, sexy and discreet, this type of panty does not abandon the sporty style and designs with wide waists are shown, whether they are elastic, lace or a different finish.

The fabrics used are always of high quality and very soft to the touch. Cotton is the most common for this reason. It is also worth mentioning the elasticity of all the models, whether they are briefs, briefs, thongs or any other type of garment: this allows them to adapt to all types of silhouettes.

With the POLINESIA personality

Although it is almost always covered, except in the case of saggy pants looks, lingerie should be in line with your personal style. knows this and provides you with proposals with the character that sets Polinesia apart: cheerful, feminine, young, daring, urban and sporty.

The colours that dye the designs of these garments are bold and energetic: neutrals are common, but are often mixed with other secondary tones that provide a very original contrast. This is the case of greens, pinks, yellows and many other options, which are also used as the main colour in many other cases.

The elastic waistband is also one of the distinguishing features of Polinesia underwear. Several centimetres wide and in black contrasting with the rest of the design in many cases, it is usual that the designs are impregnated with the four letters that you like so much: POLINESIA. A detail that thousands and thousands of fashionistas who bet on our firm proudly show.

If you are also one of them or if you have entered our website for the first time, we recommend that you take a look at our Lingerie section and take note of these garments with which you will identify yourself very soon. You can also visit the other sections to find inspiration and to not miss any detail of our news, we give you two options: subscribe to our Newsletter or become a fan of Polinesia on social networks. You will know before anyone else our exclusive discounts!